Zipper Fixer fix broken zipper pull tabs, replacement zipper pull, fix a zipper

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Zipper Fixer. Fix a broken zipper pull tabs.
1) Remove broken or exsisting zipper pull tab
2) Insert the repair wire through hole in slider
3) Firmly push repair wire into new Zipper Fixer pull tab until it locks securely in place

It's that easy to fix a broken zipper pull!

Three Sizes to suit any need:
Small - 1" x 9/16"
Large - 1 3/8" x 5/8"
Jumbo - 1 5/8" x 11/16"
Two (2) Zipper Fixers per package

zipper fixer fix a zipper with a broken zipper pull tab; replacement zipper pull, fix a zipper

Zipper Fixer is the premier replacement zipper pull. Available in three sizes to suit any need. From clothing and jackets to luggage to canvas zippers. If you need to fix a zipper pull, Zipper Fixer is the solution.
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